Power Up Your Lunch Break: Anmol Sweets’ Daily Lunch Buffet in Spånga, Stockholm (2024)

Daily Lunch Buffet

Escape the Lunch Rut: Discover Anmol Sweets' Flavorful Daily Lunch Buffet in Spånga (2024)

Power Up Your Lunch Break: Anmol Sweets’ Daily Buffet in Spånga (2024)

Tired of the same old lunch routine? Beat the Stockholm lunchtime blues with Anmol Sweets & Restaurant’s Daily Lunch Buffet! Located conveniently in Spånga at Fagerstagatan 13, we offer a vibrant and flavorful escape from the ordinary workday lunch.

What’s on the Lunch Buffet?

While the specific dishes on the buffet rotate daily to keep things exciting, you can typically expect to find a selection of:

  • Curries: From classic butter chicken to spicy vindaloo, our curries are simmered to perfection with fresh ingredients and aromatic spices.
  • Kebabs: Succulent tandoori chicken or melt-in-your-mouth seekh kebabs, marinated and grilled to smoky perfection.
  • Lentil Dishes: Hearty and protein-packed daal makhani or chana masala offer a vegetarian option full of flavor.
  • Rice & Breads: Fluffy basmati rice and warm naan bread to soak up all those delicious curries.
  • Salads & Accompaniments: A refreshing side salad and chutneys to add a touch of tang.
  • Dessert: End your meal on a sweet note with a traditional Indian dessert like gulab jamun or kheer. (Availability may vary)


Daily Lunch Buffet

Where to Find Us:

Anmol Sweets & Restaurant is conveniently located in Spånga, Stockholm at Fagerstagatan 13, 163 53. We’re just a short walk or drive away from many Stockholm workplaces, making it the perfect lunch break destination.

Ready to Escape the Lunch Rut?

Head down to Anmol Sweets & Restaurant today and experience the flavors of our daily lunch buffet! We guarantee you’ll leave feeling satisfied, energized, and ready to tackle the rest of your workday.

Don’t forget: You can also call us at +46 8 88 66 79 for inquiries or to place an order for take-out.

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